November 28, 2022

Die Power eines guten Netzwerkes – vom Silicon Valley nach Berlin – eine Erfolgsgeschichte

Zeitenwende ist das all beherrschende, branchenübergreifende Thema und im Immobilienbereich ist von einer De-Globalisierung die Rede. Fakt ist: Es finden Veränderungen statt, die unser Leben und Business nachhaltig verändern werden und daher müssen wir unsere Denkweise anpassen. Was sich aber nicht ändern wird ist, dass der Handel mit Immobilien, hier insbesondere Immobilien zur Eigennutzung, ein „People-Business“ ist - schon immer gewesen ist und auch immer bleiben wird.

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Oktober 6, 2022

Ist der Immobilienmarkt am Ende? Quo vadis Berliner Immobilienmarkt? Stand Q4 2022

Nach ca. 14 Jahre Boom auf dem deutschen und insbesondere Berliner Immobilienmarkt, die Hausse scheint nun vorbei zu sein. Meine hier vorgetragenen Gedanken basieren in erster Linie auf meinen Erfahrungen auf dem Berliner Immobilienmarkt, decken sich aber auch mit der Situation in anderen deutschen Teilmärkten.

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August 23, 2022

Happy Birthday, Hotel Adlon!

Berlin's most prestigious hotel celebrates its anniversary!
Just as it was once solemnly opened in 1907 by emperor and empress, princess and prince, the noble hotel Adlon 1997 celebrated its reopening and now, on August 23, 2022, the 25th anniversary. On the occasion of these festive days, guests can book the offer of the "Anniversary Arrangement", through which they will gain exclusive insights and enjoy a variety of culinary and cultural experiences during their luxurious stay.

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August 17, 2022

Don’t forget – Reform of property tax

The Federal Constitutional Court declares the calculation of property tax unconstitutional!
For 36 million plots of land, property and real estate owners, it is now time to submit a new, one- time property tax return in the time frame from July 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022. Those who fail to comply with this new regulation may face a penalty of up to 0.25% of the assessed tax p.m.

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August 5, 2022

Selling real estate with or without a broker?

Read here about a fine example of a recently successfully sold premium property by Rabitz Property Consulting, why and to what extent the sale of a property with an agent generates added value.

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August 2, 2022

Let´s talk about fashion – part two

I've been following Jeremy on Instagram for years now and then actually came into contact with him in 2021. Before the start of the ABOUT YOU Fashion Week event at the Kraftwerk Berlin, I met the fashion photographer in person for the very first time and I was delighted when he too took pictures of me and in front of all these incredibly well-dressed pretty ladies and gentlemen. Now, almost a year later and as a fashion addict, model and as Peter's writer, this shoot was obligatory for this blog.
Let's talk about fashion! Part two starts right here, right now.

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Juli 27, 2022

Dialogue between intercontinental arts and cultures – The Ensemble of the Museum Island

The Palace of Berlin - New possibilities in the Humboldt Forum!

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Juni 27, 2022

Let´s talk about fashion – part one

Here stories are told, that go beyond the mere clothes.

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Januar 17, 2022

Selling luxury real estate off-market – opportunity or fairy tale?

Why it can be interesting to sell or buy your property off-market

Buying or selling a property always means moving a lot of money. With increasing sales prices, privacy plays an increasingly important role, because protecting your own privacy is a particular challenge, especially for groups of people who are in the public eye - unless you are an influencer where showing-off is considered good manners.

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Mai 31, 2021

Ralf Schmitz – Haute Couture meets pop-cultur | new-built luxury condominiums in the heart of Berlin

The experiment was a success! At least that's my assessment after visiting one of the most luxurious new building projects in Berlin-Mitte, but back to the beginning of the story.

In the years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin has had several cycles of the real estate market and after 30 years of reunification of a divided city, it is now finally a real estate market as it should be in a cosmopolitan city. The price screw has turned particularly quickly in recent years and still only knows one direction - up. Trendy districts come and go, but the demand for real estate remains unbroken. Berlin-Mitte in particular was and is in the focus of buyers, often from abroad, but also among well-heeled new Berliners from Germany who are primarily looking for and like the often described Berlin metropolitan lifestyle. Berlin is and remains hip, even if like every other pulsating big city it goes through phases of the oh-so-hip hipster culture. But with almost 4 million inhabitants and the many different influences, it never gets boring.

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