The power of a good network - from Silicon Valley to Berlin - a success story

A turning point is the dominant, cross-industry topic and in the real estate sector there is talk of de-globalization. The fact is: Changes are taking place that will permanently change our lives and business and therefore we have to adapt our way of thinking. But what will not change is that real estate, in particular real estate for personal use, is a "people business" - it always has been and always will be.

Thanks to the changing framework conditions on the local real estate market, without going into detail here, the importance of the broker/agent is growing again, which also leads to a changing social position of the profession. The days of crowds of customers willing to buy are over. The seller's market has turned into a buyer's market, and not only the way brokers find their customers is all the more important, but also how properties are marketed.

Ever since it was founded, my business model has been based on working as a consultant, where I am directly available to sellers and buyers as a contact person to advise, provide assistance and food for thought as well as provide impartial information about the market so that the best possible result can be achieved together. An essential pillar of my business success is my international and local network of colleagues and partners, which I have built up over several years and have a very high recommendation rate.

Exactly that is reflected in the most recent success story, in which it was possible for me, thanks to my network, to help a family from Silicon Valley in their search for a Berlin apartment. Their local agent from Christie's International Real Estate Sereno in Palo Alto referred the family to me to help them find a property in Berlin. After contacting them immediately (within 24 hours, taking into account the time difference), I was in contact with the customers to exchange information about their search parameters. Also, a very important part of the first talks is the clarification of how the real estate market in Germany works in general and which special particularities have to be considered in comparison with the US real estate market.

After I reported on the Berlin real estate market and I was able to get an idea of ​​what the customers are looking for or what they have in mind, I presented possible objects from my own portfolio. It quickly became clear that their wishes were very specific and that none of my own objects met them. And again, I was able to use my very good network and spoke to my trustworthy Berlin colleagues from Florin Immobilien, who I knew might have something to offer. Based on the very specific search parameters available to me, I was able to scout out a property relatively quickly that I knew would fulfill all my wishes and present it to my customers. A short time later I organized a viewing with a family member living in Berlin. The property was convincing and popular, but due to the speed of the process, customers wanted to view other properties to compare them. This is also something I encourage each of my customers to look at comparable objects in order to be able to evaluate – but I knew that I have landed the bull's eye with the property found for the customer already.

After a few weeks and further independently organized property inspections by the customers, the opinion then emerged that the penthouse originally found and presented is the property that ultimately convinced and should be purchased. After a second viewing with all the decision-makers in the family, the object of desire was then reserved and the purchase process initiated.

In this part of the process, my clients could benefit from my local network of professionals. At my recommendation, I put my clients in contact with Dr. Jacobi from JACOBI LEAGAL who was responsible for assisting and advising the prospective buyers and organized the creation of the purchase contract, clarified all legal issues and, based on a previously signed power of attorney, processed the purchase on behalf of the customer.

Interested parties were able to purchase the property within a very reasonable period of time, considering that the customers live in the USA. The interaction of all parties, always for the benefit of the customer, ran extremely smoothly and goal-oriented - with satisfaction from all parties involved.

A perfect example of the power of the network. You too can benefit from this and contact me for a consultation. Global mindset – local strength.