CARO+LOUIS by Stofanel is one of the most sought-after boutique projects of contemporary architecture in the sought-after Berlin-Mitte. The completion of Haus LOUIS at Schwartzkopffstr.11a is currently taking place with the final installation of the extraordinary cork façade and at the same time heralds the start of its opposite counterpart CARO.
We are pleased about the exclusive sales mandate for six apartments in the house CARO as well as a studio house in the Caroline-Michaelis-Str.19 with an expected start of construction in the 1.Q. 2024. Also in our exclusive sales are three available, ready-to-move-in apartments in the LOUIS house.
Not far from the Scheunenviertel and located directly at the park of the Nordbahnhof, one discovers the already completed Haus LOUIS vis-à-vis to the building site of CARO. Both buildings represent an unmistakable house duet with architecturally outstanding leading buildings in an up-and-coming location in the Mitte district. Directly on a listed section of the Berlin Wall, contemporary living quality is being created for discerning individualists - exciting, green, innovative and in the midst of urban nature.
CARO offers six modern floor apartments, with the duplex penthouse with large roof terrace and oversized window formats formulating the spectacular conclusion. Another highlight and solitaire at the same time is a self-sufficient studio building with roof terrace. The modern architectural language of PPAG architects forms the connecting element for both houses, which complement each other without overpowering each other. The exterior is dominated by an openly structured façade with oversized window openings. Panoramic windows are a key element here. These have a decisive influence on the ingeniously designed floor plans, which stand as a unique selling point thanks to split-levels and thus offsetting room heights of up to approx. 6m. This individuality is underlined by the "white box design" and emphasized thanks to the white natural resin coating of the floors and bathrooms.

Project developer - STOFANEL INVESTMENT AG
The project development company STOFANEL Investment AG is owned 50 percent each by Giovanna Stefanel-Stoffel and Stoffel Holding GmbH, respectively by the main shareholder Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel. STOFANEL develops national and international residential and commercial real estate projects with the aim of optimally combining Italian creativity, German quality and reliability. Oriented to the needs of modern man and with a high demand on quality of life, STOFANEL realizes "Urban Villages" in first-class metropolises with a focus on Berlin and "Living Resorts", high-quality real estate projects in paradisiacal locations worldwide.

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