January 17, 2022

Selling luxury real estate off-market – opportunity or fairy tale?

Why it can be interesting to sell or buy your property off-market

Buying or selling a property always means moving a lot of money. With increasing sales prices, privacy plays an increasingly important role, because protecting your own privacy is a particular challenge, especially for groups of people who are in the public eye - unless you are an influencer where showing-off is considered good manners.

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May 31, 2021

Ralf Schmitz – Haute Couture meets pop-cultur | new-built luxury condominiums in the heart of Berlin

The experiment was a success! At least that's my assessment after visiting one of the most luxurious new building projects in Berlin-Mitte, but back to the beginning of the story.

In the years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin has had several cycles of the real estate market and after 30 years of reunification of a divided city, it is now finally a real estate market as it should be in a cosmopolitan city. The price screw has turned particularly quickly in recent years and still only knows one direction - up. Trendy districts come and go, but the demand for real estate remains unbroken. Berlin-Mitte in particular was and is in the focus of buyers, often from abroad, but also among well-heeled new Berliners from Germany who are primarily looking for and like the often described Berlin metropolitan lifestyle. Berlin is and remains hip, even if like every other pulsating big city it goes through phases of the oh-so-hip hipster culture. But with almost 4 million inhabitants and the many different influences, it never gets boring.

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May 1, 2021

RABITZ PROPERTY CONSULTING goes Hotel Adlon – new office will open soon

I am happy, proud and excited at the same time: Rabitz Property Consulting will open its new office in the prestigious Hotel ADLON. The key to a new chapter.

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March 31, 2021

PALAIS VARNHAGEN – SALON-LIFE in the Palais Varnhagen by architect Sir David Chipperfield

ARTPROJEKT UNTERNEHMENSGRUPPE and the multi-award-winning architect David Chipperfield implemented a spectacular residential building on Französische Strasse in Berlin-Mitte. With its strong focus on extraordinary architecture and art, the Palais Varnhagen lets European salon culture flourish again.

The model is historical city palaces and the elegant and lavish soirée life. A contemporary salon culture can be continued in the Palais Varnhagen, which developed in Berlin, especially with the evening parties of Rahel Varnhagen, until 1827.

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