Viktoria Serg Fashion Shooting

I've been following Jeremy on Instagram for years now and then actually came into contact with him in 2021. Before the start of the ABOUT YOU Fashion Week event at the Kraftwerk Berlin, I met the fashion photographer in person for the very first time and I was delighted when he too took pictures of me and in front of all these incredibly well-dressed pretty ladies and gentlemen. Now, almost a year later and as a fashion addict, model and as author at YOURBERLINAGENT, this shoot was obligatory for this blog.

Let's talk about fashion! Part two starts right here, right now.

Jeremy and I met in front of the main entrance of the Hotel Adlon, chatted a bit, I showed him my two outfits and then we started shooting right away. Outfit one is currently one of my favorite fits for the office. The white pants with long and wide leg so elegant, combined with a blue- turquoise sleeveless vintage Lacoste piece. Eye-catching jewelry from the Côte D'Azur and a simple belt dug deep from the closet. And although I had actually planned to wear the other pair of shoes with this look, I think it completes the outfit with its simple color.
A few steps further and we were standing at the Brandenburg Gate. There I put on my absolute master piece, which I actually hadn't worn for any evening, for any event or anything else. I definitely got that from my ma, she in turn got it from my grandma and she.... Long story short, I think that's just a thing.
Anyway. The second outfit is this unique black, white and beige jacket, which I combined with skin-colored shoes. I love going out smart and well dressed. It doesn't matter whether it was back then at school, today for the office or when meeting friends and family.

That’s one side. The other side is that I also like to go out with baggy pants, boys t-shirts and dirty sneakers. But don’t worry Peter, not for work ;).
But who knows, maybe that will be the look for the next shooting with Jeremy Möller. Let ́s be surprised.
Jeremy works as a freelance photographer for Getty Images, so he leaves all of his images unedited. I love his style. This natural way of making people look perfect in their outfits. After he already photographed world stars like Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Cara Delevingne or Naomi, and models like Bella Hadid at the Fendi fashion show, I was flattered and very pleased!

The shooting itself lasted about half an hour to 40 minutes and afterwards I went back to the office for a short time. The location was ideal and of course it was purely coincidental!! Of course, Peter hadn't specifically asked me to shoot in front of our office in order to use it for this blog post...

Well then, and so a great morning took its course.

Viktoria Serg Fashion Shooting


Photos by:  Jeremy Möller
Model:         Viktoria Serg