How much is my home worth?


You are thinking about selling your property and would like to know how much your property is worth or at what price you can sell it? You want this fast and uncomplicated?
Sorry, I can't offer you that then. A market value assessment should be done thoroughly and requires a lot of information that has to be carefully gathered and evaluated to be able to provide the basis for a realistic market value assessment. 

No online calculator can replace a market analysis by a real estate agent, but my free home value calculator is a good starting point and the first step. After you have entered the basic data of your property in the respective screens down below and completed the process, you will be contacted to discuss the next step - a face-to-face meeting, either by phone or, even better, on-site at the property for sale. An inspection is particularly important for most properties in order to incorporate special features, conditions and surroundings into the valuation that follows.